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Your Choice for Distributed Antenna Systems and Small Cellular Networks

Depending on your usage, installing hardline communication cables across an entire property is not the best solution. For situations where miles of cables are not worth the expense, distributed antenna systems and local cell networks can handle the communications you need without the heavy cable costs.

TEST Electric is well trained in deploying DAS and Small Cell systems for all types of commercial and industrial facilities. We’re well aware of the all the national and local requirements for broadcasting equipment and can help you find the right balance between transmission power that will keep your signal within legal bounds while still giving you the network coverage you need.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Rather than running a cable between every relay station or placing one high-powered antenna in the center of your facility, a DAS places several small repeater antennas throughout the site. These repeaters pick up and carry the signal on a lower-power frequency, giving you the same coverage without the high powered equipment.

A side benefit of a properly deployed DAS is in the distribution of the network. A DAS has more possible points of failure, but no single location will remove your entire network. This redundancy gives you added sustainability and protection against downtimes. Plus, a DAS is more easily scalable since it’s easier to add new repeaters or substations instead of upgrading the power of a single antenna tower.

Distributed Antenna Systems are easily deployed in:

  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Parks
  • Multi Building Facilities
  • Public Parks and Recreational Facilities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public Transportation Networks

Small Cellular Networks

Similar to DAS, small cellular networks are low-power access nodes for small-scale cellular transmission. These networks can have short or long range, but are excellent for expanding the range of standard personal walkie-talkies on project parks or for adding distance to existing wireless networks without the need for high-powered transmission.

So if you’re looking for a new solution to your communication network, whether for data or voice, submit a consultation request to TEST Electric through our online form, or call us today at (985) 863-5510.