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Network Service by TEST Electric

Fiber Opting Networking ServicesFiber optic networks have amazing speed, bandwidth, and excellent data integrity over long distances. As long as the cables are not disturbed or damaged, they are an incredibly effective means of data communication and provide some of the fastest signal responses on the planet. So, of course, TEST Electric offers full services for fiber optic networks.

Fiber Optics: Support & Service

When it comes to your data infrastructure, we know you need fast and reliable service. We can install or repair fiber data networks in your office or at your facility easily. We’ve worked with big names in fiber optics, such as Verizon, and we know our trade. So when your network stops working give a call to TEST Electric.

Our support doesn’t stop with simply repairing existing networks, however. We’re fully capable of working with your team to design and implement brand new fiber networks. Fiber optic networks are one of the many solutions we offer during the design phase of new construction projects. For permanent project locations, a dedicated fiber line is essential for rapid, high-bandwidth communication.

Our dedicated team of specialists will gladly evaluate your project for whether or not it needs a fiber line. If a fiber line fits your budget, matches your needs, and is necessary for forward scalability on your site, we’ll gladly help you design and build the network. Fiber isn’t always the answer, but it’s always a good answer when it comes to fast, quality data.

We offer:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshoot and Repair

So don’t wait. For faster networks, better internet, and full-scale enterprise telecom solutions, call TEST Electric at (985) 863-5510.