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For WAN and Large Area Telecommunications

Local networks, wired or otherwise, are fine for offices and local buildings, but not all telecom is built equally. At TEST Electric, we work with the biggest names in the industry so we understand that major projects require widespread solutions, enough to cover miles of space in some cases.

This is why we offer our full suite of services for both line and antenna telecom solutions. We do full design, installation, long-term maintenance, and repairs for all distance networks. Whether you need repair support for a radio antenna, transmission farm, or long distance private WAN, we have an option for you.

TEST Electric offers support service for:

  • T1, T2, and T3 service lines
  • WAN wireless and wired networks
  • Broadcasting towers
  • Receiver arrays
  • Emergency Broadcast Stations
  • Cellular network towers
  • High-voltage lines
  • Local power transmission

New Construction

Whether you’re adding a new building or facility site to your existing network, or simply raising a new network tower, TEST Electric has the skills, training, and team you need for support. We’ll take you from the drawing board to full implementation as your go-to telecom service company.

We don’t just help you set up your towers either, we do full testing of all included parts, devices, and safety protections to ensure reliable operation of the entire telecom network. We’ll even pick up where your last company left off. If you’re worried about the state of your antennas and lines, we’ll perform a full inspection and test to make sure that everything is working properly, with a list of solutions for any problems we find.

Power Distribution

Project sites need more than just information, they need power. All the data in the world can’t help a facility that lacks electricity, which is why TEST Electric is a full-service company for commercial and industrial businesses. Part of our design process from the beginning involves accounting for the electrical side of your on-site buildings.

For the very best in electrical and telecom lines, networks, and antennas, call TEST Electric to schedule your consultation today at (985) 863-5510.