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Circuit Breakers, Fuse Boxes, and Residential Electrical Circuits

Electrical Panel and Circuit Breaker Repair and Installation ServicesYour electrical panel may not come to mind often, since it’s usually hidden in a utility closet or garage, but it’s the central location for all of the electrical circuits in your home. Your electrical panel works to keep your home and devices safe against electrical fires, surges, and regular problems, making it the unsung hero of homes.

TEST Electric understands your electrical panel like no other team of electricians. We offer quality repair, installation, and inspection services to keep your home safe from danger and operating at full capacity.

Dedicated Circuits

The circuit breaker in your home regulates power used on each circuit. This is a safety feature to prevent the wires in your home from overheating and causing electrical fires. It also works to break up different circuits to keep high-power devices from overloading low-power devices.

To this end, dedicated or appliance circuits are installed in homes to handle additional high loads. High-power devices such as your washer and dryer are typically placed on their own electrical circuit. Your central heating and air system is the same.

If you plan to add an addition to your home, or are in the middle of remodeling, consider how you need your electrical system configured. TEST Electric can help you design a new electrical circuit and will gladly install the wiring and upgrade your electrical panel to account for the new electrical circuit.

Panel Inspection

Electrical panels wear out as they age, gradually becoming less effective at protecting your home from electrical problems. The most common sign of an aging circuit breaker is the fact that the break will trip repeatedly for no obvious reason. We recommend having your system inspected every 10 years to make sure that the breaker is working as intended and that the electrical panel is not overburdened.

You should also be aware that certain older electrical panels present a risk of electrical fire dangers. Homes from more than 40 years ago may have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panel still installed. These panels suffer from a design issue that causes a potential fire hazard. If you open your panel and see that it was manufactured by either of these companies, you should have it replaced immediately.

Click here for more information on the dangers associated with Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels.

For new circuits, panel replacements, and general electrical inspections, call TEST Electric to schedule a service at (985) 863-5510!