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Delivering Quality Installation and Repair Ventilation Services

Ceiling Fan Installation and ReplacementYou may not realize just how many ventilation fans exist in your home. Obviously your central air system uses a fan of some kind, but the exhaust vents for your stove and bathroom include special fans as well. Then there are the ceiling fans set in the living areas of your home. Each and every fan is specialized to a task and, if they stop working, quickly become a problem for everyone in the home.

That’s where TEST Electric comes to the rescue. All fans are simple electric motors, no matter how complicated their installation is. When a fan in your home stops working, TEST Electric will find the problem and fix it. In many cases, a simple replacement is the best solution.

Occasionally you’ll find a different problem on the same circuit, either due to damaged wiring, faulty switches, or aging breakers can lead to a malfunctioning fan. When one of these problems is at fault, our professional electricians will find the source of the problem and work with you to select the best solution to restore your life to order.

Ceiling Fans

Moving air is essential to keeping a home’s climate regulated. Often, without the steady movement of air, hot and cold spots will develop, no matter how efficient your heating and cooling system is. A ceiling fan helps with this because they do not, in fact, cool down a room. Ceiling fans simple move air and cool objects by evaporation (when water evaporates from a surface, leaving it at a cooler temperature).

But ceiling fans are also efficient at reducing heating costs during the winter. By placing a fan into reverse, warmer air is pushed down the sides of the room, helping to balance out the cooler ground air with the ever-rising warm air.

Ceiling fans can actually mitigate costs throughout the year since they’re usable year-round. When the temperatures drop, simply flip the little black switch at the base of the fan to reverse the direction of the blades and force the warm air near the ceiling down to your living spaces. The next time it’s nice outside, save some energy by opening a window and running a fan. The fresh air will do your family good and reduce your utility bills.

If you need a ceiling, attic, or exhaust fan installed, remember that TEST Electric offers same-day service in most cases.

Just call us at (985) 863-5510! We’ll arrive within 24 hours, and we don’t charge extra for after-hours work!