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Media, Lighting, Climate Controls & Security

As we aim for more energy-efficient systems, without sacrificing home comfort, home automation becomes more prevalent. From smart thermostats that help to regulate the temperature throughout your home on learned time-schedules, to custom lighting controls that vary in brightness, color, and operation time, our homes have reached the point of needing an entire computer system simply to function on a day-to-day basis.Home Automation and Smart Controls

Full-service home installation includes:

  • Smart Thermostat Controls
  • Wired and Wireless Networking
  • Remote Media Center Control
  • Distributed Media Playback
  • Remote Lighting and Fan Controls
  • Mobile Remote Control Support
  • Security System Control and Monitoring

Our staff has years of experience in automation, controls, and telecom networking. When it comes to creating a system that works for you, distilled to a single wall or mobile-device interface, we can do that for you.

We’ll take your existing systems and help design a way to integrate them together, giving you immediate access to every system in your house from lights to lawn sprinkler systems with the touch of a button. We can also help to design these same systems from the ground up, as you build your home or add on to it with renovations. There’s no wrong way to upgrade when you use a solution that we build with you.

Streamlined Automation

The days of thousands of remotes for your fans, lights, media centers, and security system are long gone. All of this can be controlled remotely from a mobile device if you know how to install and configure things correctly. TEST Electric can help you with that.

We’ll work to either design a new system or help you set up your existing system to cut down on those remotes and operate everything in your home from the smart phone that’s already in your pocket. Smart phones create smart homes.

So if you’re looking to step forward into the future and start using the energy-efficient integrated systems of the future smart home, call TEST Electric at (985) 863-5510!