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Electrical Energy Assurance by TEST Electric

Standby and Automatic Electrical GeneratorsIn this day and age there’s never a reason to be without electrical power. With so many demands made for fast responses and constant information, losing power at the wrong time can be disastrous to any company. Protect yourself against time and data losses with an emergency backup generator.

We work with large-scale generators that can run your building for the duration of a standard outage. These generators can prevent data collection losses or health risks associated with the loss of power to emergency medical equipment. So whether you’re running a data center or an urgent care facility, a standby or emergency generator is the way to go.

Manual vs. Automatic Generator

The core difference here is down-time. Does your facility need automatic power restoration? If power needs to be restored immediately, with no perceptible loss, then an automatic generator is necessary. If you can afford a few minutes to a few hours’ power loss, then a manual generator is all you need. In short, you should use an automatic backup generator if:

  • Power needs to be always present
  • Emergency equipment is on the circuit
  • Your center is not staffed 24/7
  • Data integrity is essential to regular operation
  • Other systems operate off your infrastructure

Generators are also useful for automated production facilities which are unmanned during off-hours or weekends. There is always a generator that is perfectly suited to your facility, needs, and budget. TEST Electric is here to help you find that generator.

If your current generator is malfunctioning, or you need a new system installed, call to schedule a consultation or repair service with TEST Electric today at (985) 863-5510!