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Tower Audits, Mapping Services, and Modifications

Tower Mapping and InspectionAt TEST Electric, our technicians have decades of combined experience in telecom and data transmission services. We’re bringing you that level of experience and professional service on a daily basis. Part of our customer-oriented package includes full broadcast tower audits.

We’ve worked with the biggest names in industry (Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile and Ericsson), and tower inspections are just part of what we do. We inspect all kinds of towers including guyed towers, monopoles, and self-support towers. All of our technicians are professionally trained and understand the regulations required of legal tower construction and operation, as well as quality control requirements for transmission towers.

Tower Audit Features:

  • Visual Tower Inspection
  • Foundation Evaluation
  • Structural Audit
  • Site Health and Safety
  • RF Equipment Inspection
  • Damage Inspection and Assessment
  • FAA Light Evaluation
  • Maintenance Inspection

Tower Mapping

We perform full tower mapping services, giving you a full overview of the towers on your property. Full mapping services include:

  • Antenna and Line Locations
  • Structural Sizes
  • Section Details and Geometry
  • Height Confirmation
  • Base and Structure Details
  • Guy Anchor Wire Locations, Sizes, and Attachment Details
  • Manufacturer and Model Details
  • Lighting Information

Tower Modifications

While we offer new construction design and installation of towers and lines, we also offer modification services. If you have an existing tower in need of an upgrade or change of service type, we’ll gladly work with you to develop a solution for changing the function of your tower. Tower modifications are a difficult task since the new elements need to work with existing tower regulations without violating current quality or safety controls. TEST Electric’s highly trained team of technicians has the skills and tools you’re looking for when it comes to quality tower modifications.

The next time you need service-work for your tower, give TEST Electric a call. Our technicians are highly trained and have decades of experience in the telecommunications sector.

We’ll gladly audit, map, or modify your tower, so call us for a consultation at (985) 863-5510.